BatFish Films is a creative woman-led production company founded by filmmakers and McGill University alumni Thaïs Martin, Martine Stephen, and Naima Vogt. BatFish Films seeks to drive positive social change by creating meaningful and inspiring documentary content. Through its storytelling content, BatFish Films strives to showcase change-makers around the world who are using art and community engagement to address environmental issues.
Thaïs Martin - co-founder, director & cinematographer
Thaïs is a Franco-American director and cinematographer based in Marrakech, Morocco. Having graduated with a Bachelors degree in African Studies and World Cinemas from McGill University, she is passionate about making films for social change. She has worked on film projects in Ethiopia, Morocco, Canada and the UK. In Addis Ababa, she interned at Whiz Kids Workshop, a social enterprise producing television to educate and empower young Ethiopians. After working as an Associate Producer for Docsville in London, she began developing a documentary series on her Afro-Caribbean heritage, and is currently researching a hundred years of family history.

Martine Stephen - co-founder, director & cinematographer
English-French filmmaker (self-shooter and video editor) focuses on documentaries and music videos. Martine is interested in documenting inspiring change makers working towards social and environmental justice as well as exploring different cultures. Having graduated from a business degree coupled with Hispanic studies from McGill University, Martine spent a couple of years in Latin America traveling and working with an NGO in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This hands on experience demonstrated to Martine a passion for and the potential impact of storytelling for social change. Martine moved back to London, her place of birth, to study a Master's degree in International Communications and Development. She has since been working with a not for profit creative business incubator MeWe360. Her filmmaking journey is self-taught with influences from teacher-friends along the way. 

Naima Vogt - co-founder, director & producer
Naima began her career in New York City, where she gained valuable experience working on drama series, feature length documentaries, and short digital documentaries for entities such as Netflix, CNN Films, The New York Times, and The Wellcome Trust. Naima worked as Associate Producer & Archival Producer on the Sierra/Tango & CNN Films documentary, Unseen Enemy, and subsequently managed the film development and distribution plans for Sierra/Tango Productions. Since moving to London, she has also entered the world of animation, becoming a Production Manager for a popular CBBC show and an upcoming Netflix Kids & Family show. 
Naima is passionate about animation production, documentary filmmaking, storytelling, and black & white film photography. Naima is Brazilian-Canadian and holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in International Development with minors in Philosophy and Psychology. She is fluent in English, Portuguese, and French.
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