Environmental Crisis Exhibition - Science and Art

When: Thursday 13 February – Saturday 14 March
(Private View: Thursday 13 February, 4pm-8pm)
Where: Gerald Moore Gallery, Mottingham Lane, London, SE9 4RW
Opening times: Tues 4pm-7pm and Sat 10am-4pm
For more information visit www.geraldmooregallery.org
Free entry

Gerald Moore Gallery presents Environmental Crisis Exhibition, Science and Art.
This is the second year in a row that Gerald Moore Gallery has focused on an
exhibition celebrating the link between Science and Art. This year’s call out focused
on the Environmental Crisis; being such a prevalent issue in the news and holding
such importance for young people, we decided the shortlisting of artists’ works would
be decided upon by students at Eltham College, aged between 14-18.
The artworks selected focus on the major impacts we face: climate change,
degraded air quality, deforestation, the decrease of animal population, land and sea
pollution, soil erosion and biodiversity losses. As a gallery with learning at its core we
want to give space to raising awareness of these challenges and encourage
everyone to act.
Over 50 different artists were shortlisted, the works range from sculpture,
photography, installation, video, painting and performance. There will also be a
series of events alongside this exhibition: talks, debates, performances and

Artists include: Adam Sébire, Aine Kelly, Alexandra Badescu, Amanda Davis, Angela
Gilmour, BatFish Films, Briony Marshall Sculptor, Jon Halls and Jaione Cerrato,
Chell Young, Chloe Cox, Chris Avis, Di McGhee, Ellie Reid, Emma Jane Whitton,
Feifei Zhou, Fiona Liberatore, Florencia Levy, Frederik Rombach, Gemma Hermans,
Giovana Brick, Grace Grothaus & Felipe Rossi, Gregor Vogel, Hannah Fletcher,
Hannah O'Brien, Hannah Oliver, Helen Adove Hawk, Helen Grundy, Hilde
Lambrechts, Hugo Livet, J.Masson, Jacqui Jones, Jeremy Morgan, Jim Weaver,
Jonk, Julie Clark, Kate Lowe, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Laura Rouzet, Laura Spector,
Leanne Davies, Lise Bouissiere, Maria Molina Peiró, Marlene Bart, Michelle Kuen
Suet Fung, Mirimari Vayrynen, Nicolas Depetris, Orsina Pasargiklian, Patrick Moser,
Peter Barnard, Rachael Wellisch, Sally Case, Sam Schmitt, Sarah Strachan, Selma
Makela, Sarab Sethi, Shanna Merola, Susanne Layla Petersen, Studio Blah Blah
Blah, Sylvia Wadsley, Tessa Ojala, Thomas Pickarski, Tim Pugh, Tracy Hill, Xia
Han, Yu Cai, Yulia Dvorah Shtern

About Gerald Moore Gallery

Gerald Moore Gallery is a young centre for modern and contemporary art with
learning at its heart. Opened in April 2012, in Mottingham, the gallery is uniquely set
within the grounds of Eltham College and is a valuable resource for the students and
the local community. The gallery has gained momentum hosting some exciting
exhibitions including works by Matisse, Louise Bourgeois and Cornelia Parker, whilst
supporting emerging local artists. In unison with the exhibitions, the gallery's
outreach programme works with local community groups, teachers and schools,
creating lasting relationships with our locality. Gerald Moore Gallery was made
possible with the foresight and generosity of Old Elthamian, Dr Gerald Moore, many
of whose works are archived at the gallery and who has a permanent exhibition on
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